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United Domestic First Class Meal Service (Pandemic Times)

United Airlines Domestic First Class Dinner - chicken with orzo

June 18, 2021

Today, I am flying United Airlines Domestic First Class from Los Angeles to Chicago, and I am thrilled to learn that United has resumed its plated meal service in selected domestic first-class flights. Gone are the days of snack boxes or mediocre sandwiches. YAY!

According to an earlier announcement by UA, starting June 1 plated meal service “will be provided to flights over 1,500 miles and hub-to-hub flights over 800 miles on United First cabins.” Hey, it’s June 18th today, so it works out great for me.

Instead of serving the meal course by course like pre-Covid times, tonight’s United’s domestic first class dinner will be served in one single tray. The roll is individually wrapped, which is good. The salad is served in a covered plastic box. It has a slightly spicy Southwestern flavor to it, and I like it.

Tonight, the choices for dinner are chicken breast or vegetarian enchilada, and I am going to get the chicken. As you can see from the picture above, I am having a grilled chicken breast topped with lemon basil pesto and served with a side of orzo. The orzo is good, but personally, I would probably enjoy a side of rice pilaf or mashed potatoes more.

The chicken is actually pretty good – tender and flavorful, but just a little dry. But this is airline food, and I am fine with it. I always keep my expectations reasonable. Especially on such a short domestic flight.

The dessert is a new creation by United called “Pie in the Sky”. It is essentially a chocolate chip cookie with a cheesecake-like texture. Whatever it is, I can tell you that it is absolutely delicious.

As of this writing, UA’s domestic first class offers full alcohol service, so I am getting a couple of glasses of white wine with my chicken dinner. However, service with glassware still has not returned and I am drinking out of a disposable plastic cup. Really not a big deal for me. Overall, service is attentive and friendly, and I am enjoying this flight.

As a conclusion, I am really happy that United Airlines is bringing back its fully plated meal and dinner service for its domestic first class cabin, known as United First. I am looking forward to the days when United will resume its full pre-covid domestic first class meal service, such as pre-departure beverage, use of glassware, and serving dinner course by course.

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