My First Pandemic Trip

My first pandemic trip to Bellevue Botanical Garden near Seattle

May 13, 2021

I have not been traveling for 16 consecutive months. So, when my first pandemic trip is on the horizon after I am fully vaccinated, I can’t help being so overly excited to the extent that I am almost over-planning everything.

But traveling during the pandemic do require careful planning, and in this sense, I would rather be over-prepared than under-prepared.

So here are the precautions that I am taking, and I recommend that you do the same as well.

First of all, bring a good supply of face masks and hand sanitizers yourself. Don’t rely on the free masks businesses give you. Why? For face masks, I only use medical grade ones that truly offer protections. I don’t trust the thin and flimsy ones supplied by most places. Moreover, I don’t want any hands touching my masks so I will only use my own.

The hand sanitizers that you will find in most public places are the lower-costs versions which are very harsh to your hands. I buy mine from Bath and Body Works and I suggest that you do the same.

Avoid crowded public transportations. If possible, rent a car. As much as I love to use public transportation and travel like a local, crowded buses or subways aren’t the best modes of transportation for my first pandemic trip. And probably they won’t be for a while. Rental cars are getting scare and expensive so remember to make your reservations early.

Engage in mostly outdoor activities. So here I am in Seattle where the weather is sunny and unusually warm. A visit to the Bellevue Botanical Garden is refreshing. A ferry ride to Bainbridge Island is rejuvenating.

Avoid crowded indoor venues or activities. Personally, I will be avoiding bar and clubs and anywhere that lots of people congregate and consume alcohol. Well, at least for the next few months. Museums and art galleries, as long as they are not crowded, seem fine with me. Especially many of them now offer spaced out timed admissions only. I also feel comfortable dining in restaurants that have social-distanced seating.

So here I am, ready to embark on a brand-new journey in an unprecedented era. I feel prepared for my first pandemic trip, and I am confident that I will be just fine.

And more importantly, I am traveling again!

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