Places to Eat in Liverpool England

Vegetable Wellington with broccoli spears

Liverpool offers a vibrant restaurant scene that can satisfy every taste and mood – whether you are looking for a romantic date night or a lively Caribbean holiday scene – the city delivers.  Of course, there is no shortage of classic English favorites like fish and chips and pies. The following are a few of my suggestions of great places to eat in Liverpool that I believe offer good values as well as diverse cultural experiences.

Bistro Franc

A French-Inspired Restaurant in Liverpool

Bistro Franc is a French bistro in Liverpool

Of all the great places to eat in Liverpool, England I decided that I should get some French cuisine at least once. Bistro Franc serves what they call “French bistro inspired cuisine” so it is not entirely a French restaurant, but it does have the atmosphere and feel of a bistro in Paris. They serve a wide variety of foods so there has to be something that you’ll like.

They are located on the junction of Hanover Street and Duke Street, about a 10 to 15-minute walk from Albert Dock, which actually takes you to a less touristy dining experience. The restaurant is moderately upscale, but prices are very reasonable.

Pictured above is a Black Angus sirloin steak in a delicious mushroom and wine sauce that I happily devoured!

Salt House Tapas

Authentic Spanish Tapas

Salt House Tapas is known to be one of the best authentic Spanish tapa restaurants in town and is a local favorite. We are so excited to be here, and we are ordering a LOT of foods. Here are some highlights.

The Spanish “padron” peppers  are slightly bitter and mildly spicy. They are pan-fried in olive oil and sprinkled with coarse sea salt.

The prawns are served in a metal platter sizzling in a pool of olive oil filled with minced garlic and spices.  They are fresh, large, and sumptuous. A hint of chili gives the prawns a nice finishing flavor.

The sea bass is complemented by a creative sauce described as “wild mushroom, chicken, and veal jus”, which greatly enhanced the flavors of the sauteed fish filets. This dish pairs very well with a glass of Garnacha Blanca.

I love the meatballs! They come in a moderately spicy and delicious tomato sauce. The heat of the sauce is just about right and slightly stimulating to the palate.

Ox cheeks are the best cut of beef made for stewing – slow cooking for hours in low heat. There is no exaggeration that the meat indeed melts in your mouth. The rich flavors of the beef pairs well with a glass of Tempranillo.

Al Dente Restaurant and Bar

Al Dente is a great pizza place in Liverpool, England
Credit: Al Dente

Al Dente is a lively and contemporary Italian restaurant with a Mediterranean twist. As the name implies, they are known for their perfectly cooked pastas. My favorite is the king prawn linguini. For starters try their calamari. If you have the appetite, be sure to get one of their famous fire oven pizzas too.

The atmosphere is family friendly, and this is also a great place for large gatherings. However, it is typically very crowded and noisy and may not be the ideal place for a romantic date night. But if all your date wants is the best Italian food in town, then you can’t go wrong with Al Dente.


Contemporary Dining with Moderate Prices

Bills in Liverpool - nice casual dining

Bill’s is a contemporary and trendy European chain serving good quality food in a casual and homey atmosphere. I find their food one step above most casual dining places. Their prices are reasonable and competitive. It is one of my favorite places to eat in Liverpool, and in England.

This particular Bill’s is right at Liverpool One, which is within walking distance from many major attractions as well as hotels in the area. They are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Takeout is also available.

Today I am getting a pan-fried chicken breast with mushrooms (shown above). The chicken is tender and flavorful. The mushroom gravy is rich and creamy and has a hint of white wine. The entrée comes with mashed potatoes and steamed broccolini. It is absolutely delightful!

For breakfast, I highly recommend their Eggs Avocado Florentine, which is like a Benedict made with smashed avocado and spinach.

You can find all of Bill’s locations in the UK here.


A Focused Steakhouse

Cowshed is a great place for steaks in Liverpool
Credit: Cowshed

Cowshed serves some of the best steaks in Liverpool, England. In fact, this is my kind of steakhouse with a simple and focused menu. You are getting steaks and you pick one of four choices: flatiron, rump, ribeye, or filet. They also offer a selection of sauces to choose from (surcharge applies). My favorite is the pepper sauce.

Can’t make up your mind? The best deal is the 3-steak platter for two which includes the flatiron, rump, and ribeye. It also comes with two sauces and two sides.

However, the filet is the best steak in the house, and is almost melt-in-your-mouth tender.

Turtle Bay

Feels Like a Caribbean Vacation

Turtle Bay Jamaican Restaurant
Credit: Turtle Bay

Turtle Bay is a chain of Jamaican restaurants in the UK with two locations locally – Hanover Street and Victoria Street. The place is casual; the atmosphere is festive and lively.

For apps, the crispy chili squid is their specialty. It is a must-order. The strips of squid are mildly spicy, and they are served with jerk mayo.

Since this is a Jamaican restaurant, you have to get their jerk chicken, which is their signature dish. The chicken is fire grilled and blasted with their special jerk sauce to bring out that unique Caribbean flavor.

They also have an extensive cocktail menu that can make you feel like you are on a Caribbean cruise. They offer happy hours daily. Prices are moderate.

The Revolution

Bar Scene with Great Food at Albert Dock

Fish and chips from the Revolution in Liverpool, England

Although The Revolution is mostly known for their happy hours’ cocktails and nibbles or late-night hangouts, they actually also serve some pretty decent food. During the day they have both inside and outdoors seating. On a gorgeous day, it is indeed a treat to enjoy a meal outdoors right by the dock.

I highly recommend their fish and chips, oven baked mac and cheese (truly British flavor), and sticky chicken wings (order them spicy hot!)

The Exchange

Excellent English Breakfast Buffet

The Exchange in the Liverpool Hilton has the best breakfast buffet.

The Exchange is located in the Liverpool Hilton Hotel just across the street from the Albert Dock. This restaurant offers one of the best English breakfast buffets that I’ve had in England. The offerings and varieties are extensive, and everything is delicious. Food is freshly prepared in small batches, so they taste fresh and stay warm.

A picture is better than a thousand words. Just look at the picture of my plate above. You want to grab that plate right now, don’t you?

Albert’s Schenke

German Beers and Eats

ALbert's Schenke is a great German place in Liverpool, England
Credit: Albert’s Schenke

It’s delightful to find an authentic German bar hall type of eatery in town. Albert’s Schenke is a vibrant and lively German bar (schenke, translated loosely, is a pub that serves both beer and food). The atmosphere is really comfy, and the staff is friendly and welcoming.

They offer a good selection of German beers as well as other popular European favorites, such as Pilsner Urquell from the Czech Republic.

This is one of the best places for great German eats in Liverpool, England. Here you can find everything German, from bratwursts to schnitzels. from pretzels to spätzle. It’s a wonderful place to enjoy a taste of Germany.

Heritage Restaurant and Bar

A Locals’ Favorite Tapas Place

Heritage Restaurant and Bar, a tapas place in Liverpool, England
Credit: Heritage Restaurant and Bar

Heritage Restaurant and Bar is an awesome brasserie type of British tapas bistro in the heart of Liverpool City Centre. Their focus is on using fresh and local ingredients. It is a small local gem with a cozy and unpretentious atmosphere. Music is great, and the outdoor terrace is nice, especially in summer. Since the place is small, reservations are required, especially during busy times.

Some of the popular local favorites are fried chicken wings with their house hot sauce, chicken curry, sea bass, and crispy cauliflower.

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