Things to Do in Liverpool England

Sargent Pepper poster in the Beatles Museum

Albert Dock

Dining and Entertainment Hub

Albert Dock is a lively and bustling entertainment hub and a major tourist attraction. It is on the top of most visitors’ things to do list in Liverpool, England. It is also where The Beatles Story as well as the Beatles Magical Mystery Tour are located. There are several unique boutique stores and gift shops. Among its many attractions are also museums and art galleries.

The Merseyside Maritime Museum is a great place to explore Liverpool’s maritime history. Visit Tate to enjoy contemporary art, photography, and sculptures. There are many bars and restaurants serving many different types of food for different budgets – from fine dining to casual takeout. The bar scene can get quite lively at night, especially on weekends.

World Museum

Extensive Collection of Arts, Cultures, and Sciences

World Museum in Liverpool, England
Credit: Cowardlion/Shutterstock

Visiting the World Museum is one of the top things to do while in Liverpool, England. It is almost a one-of-its-kind museum that offers a wide spectrum of exhibits from archaeology to natural and physical sciences. The museum also features an aquarium and a planetarium.

You can discover cultures from around the World, appreciate European Renaissance paintings, explore the outer space, and encounter live creatures all under the same roof.

Museum lovers should allocate at least half a day, to maybe even a full day for this visit. As with most museums in the UK, admission is free.

The Beatles Story

A Beatles Fan’s Dream Come True

The Beatles Story guides a visitor down a timeline from their high school days when Paul first met John all the way through to the post-Beatles days. Some of the recreations are quite meticulously done, such as the Cavern Club and John Lennon’s famous White Room.

It is a self-guided tour with an audio device and headphones which has multiple channels at each station. Overall, the collection of memorabilia is quite extensive, and will satisfy the expectations of most Fab Four fans.

There are lots of documentaries, as well as some tidbits, like Allan William being the man who gave away the rights to the Beatles for free, and Ringo Starr bringing a suitcase full of Heinz baked beans for his trip to India.

The place is not big, but I suggest that you don’t rush through it. Give it at least 2 – 3 hours. Take time to pause and reflect. Enjoy the displays, listen to all the soundtracks, and maybe pretend, if only for a moment, that the Beatles are right there in front of you.

Museum of Liverpool

Center of Rich Heritage and History

Museum of Liverpool, England
Credit: Pete Stuart/Shutterstock

The Museum of Liverpool is located in a famous, contemporary, stylish, and waterfront building. The focus of the museum is to explore the diverse cultural significance and fascinating history of the city and its people. The museum’s collections feature a wide spectrum of interests such as fashion, art, music, and archaeology.

This is a vibrant and welcoming space for everyone to explore the city’s rich heritage and history, as well as its global significance.

Beatles’ fans will be happy to know that the museum includes a collection of Beatles-related memorabilia. The exhibits document their careers from their early days in the Cavern Club to each member’s individual project after the band split up.

Mersey Ferries

River Explorer Cruises

Mersey Ferries - aboard the Dazzle Ferry on a river explorer cruise
Credit: Mersey Ferries UK

Mersey Ferries operates a 50-minute river explorer cruise tour in Liverpool. Cruising along the River Mersey, you’ll learn about its rich history and enjoy the views of the city’s waterfront. It is a scenic tour which gives you a different perspective of Liverpool’s skyline from the river. It is a fun and relaxing thing to do if you want a change of pace or an escape from the city.

A recorded commentary played throughout the cruise offers great insights on Liverpool’s rich maritime history and musical heritage.

The cruise is operated by two ferries: The traditional Royal Iris of the Mersey, and the Dazzle Ferry painted in “dazzling” and almost kaleidoscopic colors and patterns (shown above).

The cruise departs from the Pier Head Terminal and Woodside Terminal.

Beatles Magical Mystery Tour

A Fab Four Neighborhood Tour

The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour takes you to many of the Beatles’ childhood places as well as some of the homes where they used to live.

However, you may not be able to enter them directly from this tour.

“In Penny Lane, there is a barber showing photographs…” Not only will you pass by the actual barber shop, but you will also be able to take a picture of the “Penny Lane” street sign.

” Let me take you down
‘Cause I’m going to Strawberry Fields
Nothing is real
And nothing to get hung about
Strawberry Fields forever …”

The two-hour tour starts at Albert Dock and end within a short walking distance to the Cavern Club, where you can enter for free with the tour’s ticket stub. The guide is very professional and knowledgeable, and you will gain plenty of tidbits and insight about the band throughout the trip.

The tour on this colorful bus is the original Beatles tour in Liverpool. Fab Four fans will embark on a two-hour journey that they will never forget.

The Cavern Club

Legendary Music Club

On February 9, 1961, the Beatles made their first appearance at The Cavern Club. Exactly nine months later, on November 9, they were discovered by Brian Epstein, who would become the band’s manager. The Beatles’ popularity grew quickly and exponentially, and they would soon acquire Worldwide fame.

While the Cavern Club is mostly known as the Beatles’ breeding ground, it has actually featured many top musicians, such as the pre-Queen Freddie Mercury, and Suzi Quatro. The bar and legendary music club is now a major tourist attraction in the city.

Liverpool Cathedral

One of the Most Iconic Cathedrals in England

Liverpool Cathedral - iconic place of worship
Credit: Liverpool Cathedral

Liverpool Cathedral is England’s largest cathedral (104,275 square feet) and is without a doubt, one of the most magnificent. The moment you enter the cathedral, it takes your breath away.

The Cathedral is not just an iconic building. It is a place of worship, and a vibrant and active home to a strong Christian community. It is certainly a nice place to visit. But if you are a Christian, attending one of its services will be an even more enriching experience.

Admissions to the cathedral is free but admission tickets (a small fee) are required for The Tower Experience. You can climb up the church tower and enjoy a stunning panoramic rooftop view of the vibrant city and beyond.


Home Stadium of the Home Team

Anfield - the home field of Liverpool's football club
Credit: Cowardlion/Shutterstock

Anfield is the home stadium of the Liverpool Football Club, one of the winningest teams in English football history. (Please, there is no such thing as soccer in England.) They have a long standing rivalry with Manchester United. The weekend I was there, the Red Devils were playing here and the whole town went crazy. Every bar and pub in town was as lively as it could get.

Football is not just a sport, it’s a culture in England. While it will be very difficult to score a premier League ticket to Anfield, a stadium tour will give you a taste of Liverpool Football. You will get to visit the dressing room, touch the famous “This is Anfield” sign and walk down the Player’s Tunnel. You also get to visit the museum and see all their trophies.

Radio City Tower

Observation Deck with Panoramic Views

Radio City Tower in Liverpool, England
Credit: Cowardlion/Shutterstock

Radio City Tower was formerly known as St. John’s Beacon. At the top of the tower there used to be an upscale revolving restaurant. In 1999, the name was changed to Radio City Tower, and is named after the actual station Radio City 96.7 which operates in a studio where the restaurant was once located.

The top floor is now an observation deck with panoramic views.  It’s an amazing perspective to see the waterfront and Albert Dock areas from high above. You can also enjoy a 360-degree view of Liverpool and its surrounding areas. On a clear day, you can see as far as Blackpool to the north.

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