Indian Food in London

Dishoom - one of the best places for Indian food in London

August 11, 2018

London is well known to have the best Indian food outside of India. My personal favorite is Dishoom, a small chain of eight “Bombay Cafes” scattered around London and nearby cities. It serves good quality and authentic Indian food at moderate prices and is definitely on the top of the list for both locals and tourists alike.

The restaurant accepts online reservations for breakfast and lunch only. They do not accept reservations for dinner and the only way to get in is the old traditional way – stand in line!

Yes, I have been in that line before, and let me assure you that the food is so good that it is definitely worth the wait. You will be enjoying some of the best Indian food in London. Moreover, although the line seems like it will take forever for you to get in, it typically moves pretty fast. During popular times, an hour’s wait is very typical,

My favorite app is the veggie samosas. The fried pastries are so crispy and thin that the skin just crumbles and melts in my mouth. The magic is that these are vegetable samosas that don’t taste like vegetarian.

In fact, Dishoom offers an extensive vegetarian and vegan menu of many delicious selections. Dishes like gunpowder potatoes, vada pau, and pineapple tikka are so good that you don’t need to be a vegetarian to like fall in love with them.

My favorite curry dish is the chicken Ruby which is a variation of Tikka Marsala. The chicken is drenched in a moderately spicy and slightly sweet tomato-based curry sauce and garnished with fresh parsley. This is a crowd-pleasing favorite that is great for sharing. It goes well with basmati rice or naan.

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