Fish and Chips in London

Applebee Fish - the best fish and chips in London

August 18, 2018

While London is full of great eats in numerous categories, for me, grabbing some fish and chips is a top priority. This time I am checking out Applebee’s Fish which is located in the Borough Market. (Not to be confused with, and completely unrelated to, the Applebee’s chain the US)

They operate a food stand that serves freshly grilled seafood as well as a full-service restaurant. We choose to dine at the counter of the restaurant overlooking the kitchen. This turns out to be the perfect spot to watch the chefs in action.

Fish is fresh. In fact, you can see the cooks carving and breading them almost right in front of you.

The batter is light and crispy and melts in my mouth as I sink my teeth into the fish filet.

A refreshing wasabi mayo with a Japanese twist is served in lieu of the usual tartar sauce, and I think it goes very well with the fish.

Fish and chips in London are always good. But this one is spectacular!

The next almost legendary fish and chip place that I am going to check out is The Golden Chippy. They are a well-loved local gem in Greenwich that have attracted foodies from around the World.

The Golden Chippy is a small shop with only 12 seats inside the restaurant and is mainly a takeout place. But don’t judge a restaurant by its size. it is well-known to have the best fish and chips in London and has received many awards.

Mr. Kanizi, who founded the restaurant back in 2005 said part of the key to their success is using old school ingredients, creating his own batter and always using fresh fish.

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