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Review: Star Alliance Lounge Los Angeles LAX International Terminal B

Review of the Star Alliance Lounge in LAX features its elegant lobby and stylish seating areas.

The Star Alliance Lounge in Los Angeles LAX International Terminal is unique in a sense that it is not owned or branded by a specific airline, but by the umbrella under the Star Alliance, and serving passengers of all its partners. This is a perfect strategy for a large airport where many of its global partners operate flights to and from cities around the World. In this arrangement, each individual airline does not need to operate its own facilities and all eligible passengers are consolidated under one roof. This is my favorite haven away from the usually chaotic airport whenever I am flying ANA to Japan, EVA to Taiwan, or Lufthansa to Germany.

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At the lobby of an airport terminal is a tall floor to ceiling time tower with computer generated images and a pair of elevators at its bottom.
Credit: Realmotion

The Star Alliance Lounge at LAX is located in the Tom Bradley International Terminal, named after the city’s legendary former mayor from 1973 – 1993.  It is now also known as Terminal B. As you exit from TSA security screening, follow signs to the gates which will lead you to the central atrium. The lounge is located on level 6 which is easily accessible by the set of two elevators under the famous clock tower.

Hours as of this writing are 7:30am – 12:00am.


A podium stands on each side of the main entrance of the main entrance to the Star Alliance Lounge.

I took the above picture when the two agents stepped away for just a moment. But the two podiums are where the agents check passengers’ credentials for entry. As usual, the rules and policies governing airport lounge access are lengthy and complicated so please refer to the official website for detailed information.

In a very brief and incomplete summary, all partner airlines’ first and business class passengers on an international flight as well as Star Alliance Gold members on any partner flights and in any class of service are eligible for entry. United Club and Air Canada Maple Leaf Club members also have access if they are departing on a partner flight on the same day.

TIP: In LAX, Terminal B is connected airside to terminals 6, 7, and 8. It is about a 20-minute walk from Tom Bradley to a United gate in T-7.

Seating Areas

The main lobby area of a lounge has trendy looking sofas with a handful of passengers sharing the space.

As you walk through the front doors, the main lobby area probably gives you an elegant look with hard wood floor, wood panel fixtures, and stylish sofas. It reflects a contemporary décor with a touch of sophistication.

The area surrounding the long buffet counter has the layout of a restaurant with two-tops or four-tops dining tables accompanied by high tops which serve as communal tables. This is the perfect space for eating a meal or even getting some work done on your laptop. Some of the tables have AC outlets under the booth sofas that line the wall, but the standalone tables in the middle area do not. All the high tops are equipped with AC and USB outlets.

Groups of sofas and chairs separated by cocktail tables line the circular shaped indoor terrace.

As you walk out one of the two side glass doors you will find an indoor terrace with a chic design that provides a good view of the central atrium of the terminal. The atrium’s tall windows which extend to its dome shaped ceiling give this space a bright and cheerful atmosphere on a sunny day.

A curvy high top that looks like a bar has opposite facing black leather highchairs on both sides.

On the inner side of the crescent shaped terrace is a long and curved high top which used to be a bar. I think it can still be set up as a bar on very busy days, but most of the time, it is now used as a communal space.

The outdoor terrace is a gem on a beautiful day – which is most days in Southern California. It provides a panoramic view of the tarmac and aircraft traffic. The fire pit seating is great for both day and night. I think at night it exudes a charming and even romantic feeling.

Lunch and All-Day Snacks

Chaffing bowls containing green vegetables, creamy chicken and rice pilaf are placed on a buffet counter.

At the LAX Star Alliance Lounge, hot entrées from the menu are usually brought out around 11am and available throughout the day. On a typical day they include a meat dish which is usually chicken, a vegetable side and a starch. On my most recent visits, they were, from left to right above, roasted asparagus, creamy Tuscan chicken with spinach and sundried tomatoes, and rice pilaf.

A small plate contains pieces of creamy chicken, spears of asparagus and a small serving of rice.

Above is one of my lunch plates with the day’s hot entrées.

A serving pot contains pieces of cubed chicken breast meat mixed in a red gravy and garnished with parsleys.

There are various hot dishes on rotation and what you get largely depends on the day of your visit. One of my recent favorites is a tangy and moderately spicy Thai chicken.

A total of 12 small bowls line up 4 in a row contains a variety of meat and vegetables for soup noodle toppings.

Another major highlight of the club’s hot food menu is the Asian noodle bar. It is self-served and features a choice of rice or wheat noodles accompanied by chicken pho broth. The large selection of toppings includes chicken breast, roasted tofu, shiitake mushrooms, onion, chili peppers, edamame, shredded carrots, cilantro, etc.

A bowl of soup noodles topped with chicken, tofu, green vegetables, and red cabbage.

The noodle bar is my wife’s favorite, and she tells me that the entire set up here is a lot better than the one at the United Club in T7 (and I agree). Above is one of her most recent creations.

A serving bowl is filled with a red tomato-based soup loaded with pasta shells and diced vegetables.

If you are looking for soup, the pot is located right next to the broth for the Asian noodles. The two soups that have recently been on rotation are vegetarian minestrone and tomato basil.

Three long vertical trays side by side contain chicken wraps, a cutup sub sandwich, and green tuna wraps.

A variety of wraps and sandwiches are served throughout the day. Shown above are chicken avocado wrap, caprese sandwich, and tuna wrap made with spinach flour tortilla.

Four long vertical serving bowls containing different salads are placed side by side on a countertop.

The salads of the day from left to right are berry salad, pesto pasta, a blend of shredded carrots, kale, and broccoli, and Caesar salad.

Small cutup pieces of cheesecake are topped with whipped cream and a strawberry.

Your meal is incomplete without dessert so don’t forget to grab some cheesecakes topped with whipped cream and a strawberry.

Rows of tall glass containers are filled with a mousse topped with whipped cream and a strawberry.

Strawberry mousse was also available on another recent visit.

Other snacks served throughout the day include fresh cut fruits, potato chips, pretzels, and muffins, among many other choices which vary from time to time. Hard boiled eggs and Chobani yogurt which are served during breakfast are left on the buffet for most of the day that I was there.

A variety of cheeses are placed on cheeseboards on both sides of a counter with a tray of crackers in the middle.

Cheese and cracker are not part of the main buffet counter, but has their own station placed separately next to the bar.

Bar and Alcoholic Beverages

A tall refrigerator with glass stores have 8 compartments each containing a variety of beers, wines, and juices.

Most alcoholic beverages in the LAX Star Alliance Lounge are self-served although they do have a bar (more on that later). At the far end of the long buffet counter is a fridge where all the bottled beers are available. They have two of my most favorite brews – Heineken and Samuel Adams – and I’m a happy man!

As you can see from the picture above, there are also bottles of wine, but they are just stored there. These bottles are not meant for you to open as there are plenty of opened ones in a separate counter (see below).

Many bottles of red and white wines are accompanied by a shelf of wine glasses and flutes.

Above is the wine station, located around the same vicinity where the fridge is. I believe they rotate a variety of wines. On my recent few visits, I have seen the following:

White and Sparkling: Daou chardonnay, pinot grigio, Bonterra rosé, Zonin prosecco, Mumm sparkling brut, and Bouvet Signature brut.

Red: Oyster Bay merlot, Meiomi pinot noir, and a California cabernet sauvignon.

A long counter with a coke machine and bottles of liqueurs and wines and top and two mini fridges with glass doors in the bottom.

Near the bar and next to the glass door to the indoor terrace is another counter for self-served beers, wines, and liqueurs.

A bar has large and brightly lit shelves of bottles behind it and is accompanied by two TVs.

Last but not the least, they do have a full-service bar staffed with one or two bartenders, depending on how busy they get. The last time I was there, the bartender made a perfect Bloody Mary with just enough spiciness to give my palate a nice kick, but without being overwhelming. There are a few bar stools accompanied by two TVs if you like to sit there and watch some sports.

Other Beverages

A soft drink machine with a large red Coca Cola logo has 6 dispensers for different drinks.

If you’ve read this far, you probably notice that a lot of soft drinks are placed alongside the booze. As you can see a few pictures up above, a Coke machine is stationed right at the counter where the beers, wines, and liqueurs are served. In the tall fridge at the end of the buffet counter are where jugs of juices are stored. Not far from it is another Coke machine with a good variety of sodas. Immediately next to it is an espresso machine which is quite easy to operate. Water, teas, and other soft drinks are also scattered throughout different areas of this airport lounge.


I am happy to report in this review that the experience of my several recent visits to the Star Alliance Lounge at LAX Tom Bradley International Terminal has been very positive. While the buffet is certainly not a feast, it is adequate for passengers to grab a quick meal before a flight or during a connection. There is a diverse spectrum of food to suit almost everyone’s taste. The quality of the food is good, and I’ve always found them fresh and tasty. I also like the contemporary and chic design of the club which gives the place a touch of elegance and sophistication. It is a comfortable space to get some work done or just to eat, drink, and relax. During all my recent visits, the staff has been great, efficiently replenishing the buffet and diligently bussing and cleaning empty tables.

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